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Araceae is perennial plant and various habit including epiphytes, climbers, floating aquatics, helophytes, mesophytes, pachycaul shrubs and geophytes. The roots in Araceae are always adventitious and dimorphic roots are often found in climbing hemiepiphytes. In some genera, specialized contractile roots occur which prevent the stem from rising too near to the soil surface. Underground stems absent, or present and then rizhomatous or tuberous; aerial stems variously produced or not, often evergreen; bulbils for vegetative reproduction sometimes produced, e.g., on leaf or on special shoots. Leaves, solitary or compound, alternate or apparently basal, usually petiolate with sheathing bases, often subtended by prophylls and/or cataphylls. Inflorescences (sometime precocious) subtended by membranous prophylls and/or cataphylls, consisting of a spadix subtended by a spathe. Infructescences usually a head of 1- to many-seeded indehiscent separate berries, or fruits dehiscent via shedding stylar plate [1].


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